News and reviews about Bob Levey and his work.

This just in: Karen Lyon reviews Larry Felder, Candidate in the Hill Rag.

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Montgomery County Magazine

Questions & Answers: 1000 words (or so) with Bob Levey


Buzz about Bob and Larry Felder, Candidate

“The time flew by as I read it”

Jim Ritzenberg, Bethesda, MD


Knight Kiplinger, Washington, DC


Neil Genzlinger, New Jersey

MOntgomery COunty Sentinel

“It’s love for journalism, the people I worked with, and Montgomery County – my three loves,” Levey said. “I hope this will beam through.”



Washington POst Feature

John Kelly’s Washington featured Bob Levey and his new novel, Larry Felder, Candidate.

Onetime Washington Post columnist Bob Levey has a new novel. It’s not about him. Honest.

New Article in the Potomac Almanac

Click the link below to read Susan Belford’s article in the October 31st, 2018 edition.



Buzz about Bob and Larry Felder, Candidate

“Wonderful read.  I mostly read non-fiction and can put it down anytime as I usually know the "real story', BUT  I stayed awake for Larry Felder as I couldn't anticipate the ending,”

- Barbara Summers, Maryland

“Enjoyed your book. I can tell you had a lot of fun writing it”

– John Kelly, The Washington Post

“Really enjoyable. A good airplane book.”

– Walter Smith Jr., Washington, D.C.

Buzz About Bob Levey and Larry Felder, Candidate

“A great read.”

—Michael Abrams, Florida

“Loved it. Excellent”

—Richard Walker, Maryland

“This man knows how to write accurate and compelling stories”

– Margie McCurry, California

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